October 8, 2017

customer loyalty: Understand what you need in order for consumers to spread your brand

Baca Juga

customer loyalty is as important as (or even more) to win new customers. Understand the power of loyalty to your business!

Why do you find that customers are dedicated to the wrong priorities in your business?

Here's the problem, many entrepreneurs think only can attract new customers when they have to consider ways to keep those who already have them.

Customer loyalty is important for any company that wants to be a reference and continues to last.

You can see how some of the most profitable companies in the world, such as Apple and Coca-Cola, achieve much success because loyal customers come hordes, always ready to defend them.

This is far from saying that only large companies are able to retain customers.

Instead, you will see once and for all how to make your customers happy and create your own army of fans!

Why is customer loyalty important?

customer loyalty is as important as attracting them. very simple.

Without this, new business will be enough just to keep the business running without the opportunity to increase profits and expand its operations.

In addition, we can mention at least five good reasons why loyalty is your business priority, and involves everyone in the company:

loyal customers buy new

As you may already know, the reality is that consumer purchases are met twice (or more!). Reason?

people no longer need to be convinced: it has proven product quality, gained confidence in care and has knowledge of the brand.

While sales to repeat customers have a much lower purchase cost compared to someone who never bought, sales loyalty power is even more pronounced.

Indications are spontaneous and constant

Loyal customers do not recommend your favorite product thinking from getting something in return, doing it only with habits, how to share something of value that is found and can help others.

This is fantastic for any brand, because receiving spontaneous and happy indications is just a matter of time, often that he will never be able to infiltrate successfully as a family barbecue.

The amount spent per purchase tends to be higher

In addition to the increased frequency of purchases, the average amount spent by people who normally always work with the same brand also tends to be higher.

Since raising an average ticket is the best way to improve profitability without having to expand the customer base, leaving the doubt that it is worth executing a loyalty plan?

Revenue becomes predictable

Another great benefit of having a loyal customer base is the ability to reach a state where earnings become predictable, that is, companies know when they expect to win.

This is achieved through the study of the frequency of consumer purchases, the average ticket, means reaching new buyers coming for reference and new business history a month.

Honest and accurate Feedback

Finally, not all customers are willing to give their opinion and share with the company what they think about issues such as product, service, delivery, among other aspects.

But loyal customers, of course, take time for it, because for them it is not an activity that will take your time unnecessarily.

Rather, it is something where they are personally involved, and want to see your company better every day.

It's the decisive factor, the passion, making the feed accurate and honest, just what you need to create a better and better consumer experience.

What is the degree of customer loyalty?

According to the marketing master, Phillip Kotler, there are different degrees of loyalty among customers, generally.

Understand what they are important to realize what stage for the majority of customers, and think of ways to get them to the highest level as quickly as possible.

Basically, Kotler divided customers into four groups according to the level of loyalty:

sure: always buy the same brand;
divided: faithful, but fans 2-3 different brands;
change: change mark all that time;
faithful: no preference at all.

Of course, the desire of most businesses is that their customers are confident or split, as this ensures higher sales and influence forces in the market.

How to measure customer loyalty in your company

Since we have so many reasons to invest in customer loyalty, it is important to know whether the effort is working or not.

The only way to do this is to describe the process used and measure the results achieved. Thus, you can quickly identify what needs to be adjusted or expanded.

Is it possible to measure the loyalty of cost requirements? Truly! Check out 4 practical and reliable ways to see if your customers are even a fan and promoter of the brand:

Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score, or NPS, is a simple, fast and accurate way to evaluate client attachment levels with a particular company or product. Just ask the following:

"On a scale of 0 to 10, how would you recommend X company to friends or colleagues?"

This simple, relatively simple question for customers, will teach a lot about the quality of their loyalty strategy.

deep interview

On the other hand, it is also very helpful to make in-depth interviews with clients to discover, not only how much they love the brand but also why it is involved in it.

This type of interview can be made as a follow up to NPS, with an invitation to customers who agree to talk more about what approach they (or out) of your company are.

Remember that if your company has many customers, this action can be automated with an online questionnaire.

Repeat customer index

How many customers have you bought before? What restores their rate? Questions like this measure loyalty in a remarkable way, and say a lot about the work done.

The higher this ratio, the more inherent they are the customers, which signals the successful implementation of loyalty strategies.

If your business model follows a signature, you can still track metrics like churn, which indicates churn rate.

Customers who bought new indications for others

Even new customers can help you understand how the power to retain customers. Just do a few questions, if possible, so they carry out the first purchase:

"How do you hear about our products / services?"

When the answer is "on someone's suggestion," there is a high probability that this "someone" is one of their loyal customers.

4 practical tips to please and engage your customers once and for all

Satisfying the consumer is already difficult, but doing it for a long time is really an art. Thus, it is important to learn some of their techniques and practices to the fullest.

This is the premise of Customer Success, a concept where attention with satisfaction and client outcomes is at the heart of the relationship maintained with it.

Check out 4 valuable tips to please your customers and turn them into promoters of your brand:

1. Give the maximum possible value from the start

loyalty begins already in the process of execution of the product or service when the customer is taking the first step with the solution you just bought.

If you have e-commerce, make sure that all delivery processes are fast and uncomplicated, and already have customers feel secure making great purchases.

support 2. Perfect offer

The support is also one of the key points in loyalty because most relationships are defined when things go wrong.

At such times, it is essential that their helper is fast, friendly and sufficient to solve customer problems quickly dynamic.

In addition, it offers self-service options for cases where the customer just wants to take a general question or remember the basic points of purchase you make.

3. Learn to say no

The key to customer satisfaction and success does not say yes to any suggestions or asks what he does. Instead, knowing when and how to say is not important.

It is not always the resources that the client asks for the product or solution suggested by him is the most effective. It is their role to understand how to serve in the best possible way and implement a clear vision.

4. Take action based on the feedback received

Paying attention to the criticism and suggestions given to customers (without forgetting the previous point) is a great way to let them be satisfied.

They have different views of you on the best way to solve the problem, and help to address issues that your team may not be aware of.

So, taking action based on feedback every time that shows the best option is of great value to keep their customers happy and loyal.

Customer loyalty is undoubtedly one of the most important issues for the success of your business, both now and in the future. So make sure to practice the tips shown here. Make the most to offer a fantastic experience for their customers, and they will continue to buy from you.