October 9, 2017

Live video: discover how live broadcasts can be useful for your marketing strategy

Baca Juga

Live broadcasts can be an interesting strategy to engage your audience and create specific campaigns. Understand everything about this strategy!

live transmissions already have captive space in the strategies of large companies such as Starbucks, Chevrolet, Buzzfeed, Sephora and Snickers.

This  video format  has gained ground in social networks and is increasingly to show that there is an alternative programming beyond traditional media. 

You want to approach your audience?
Want to form bonds of trust?
You want to leave your strongest brand?
Want to show the human side of your business?

So it's past time to invest in live broadcasts.
Continue reading the text today and find out how to harness the full potential of the Live Video in your marketing strategy.

Live broadcasts: how they apply to marketing?

Nowadays it is no longer possible to think of a complete marketing strategy without integrating video content.

Be a lecture, an advertisement or even an animation, the truth is that your business must be prepared to deal with the changes in the demands of the public, and this includes a format that allows more and more interaction with the persona.

It is in this scenario that the Live Stream arises.

This transmission format includes a series of values ​​that make all the difference in managing your audience and their social media such as:

Immediacy:  A live transmission exists only on condition of "live" at that immediate moment it is produced. Even if a user has write access later, the experience will never be the same as that provided by Live Video.

Uniqueness:  Each transmission is unique. No use trying to rehearse and play live video, that's impossible. The interaction with the public, the choice of words, the context and tone of voice can not be replicated, and that's what makes them so desirable.

Interactivity : Here is the key point of the live broadcast. The possibilities of interaction with their users make sure they understand their importance to the company. Not only that, a live broadcast makes room for the collection of real - time feedback and timely solution doubts about the service or product offered.

What a live broadcast to the public is actually offers this humanized contact that can be established in favor of its brand.

You can prepare chats, games, exhibition of new products, scenes, gathering feedback, session of questions and answers, broadcast events, concerts and lectures in the company, the daily life of its employees and everything else that fits the demands of your persona.

With live broadcasts your business soar to a different level with respect to the interaction with the public, which can only gain this new communication channel.

What are the drawbacks?

And if the live broadcasts are so beneficial, why few Brazilian companies are betting that alternative?

The answer is simple:  fear .

Fear of failure, fear of compromising the company name, afraid to put a word out of place and, above all, fear of not making success.

switchgear limitations also get in the way of many entrepreneurs, but in the era of high-performance mobile phones, this is the least of it.

What weighs more, today is the idea that every live performance must be flawless, and that every word must first be tested.

Forget that idea.

What counts most in the live performance is the fluidity with which you can transmit the ideas you have prepared.

Nothing to memorize his lines. Take advantage of tools such as slides, for example, not to lose the rhythm of the presentation, and focus on being nice and communicate with your audience.

Train the voice, watch videos competition and separate the issues that must be tackled topics are some strategies that can be adopted to help in time to present its live video.

How to make a live broadcast?


When it comes to video, it is natural that Youtube is our first option.

The social network is among the most important for the Brazilians, and now has more than  6 billion hours d and videos viewed monthly.

At the time of broadcast their videos online, however, you need attention: the network offers two different options for content formatting ( "transmit now" and "events") in addition to the alternative mobile.

The main difference between them is in their transmission control options.

If you get your live video through the alternative "Transmitting now," YouTube will try to automatically detect the frame and resolution transmission. So when you are online, the network will make a reduction of data to allow users relying on lower resolutions also have access to the content.

For the "Events" option,  however, you have much more  freedom  in creating your live broadcast and can set start time, multi - stream channels, privacy and even test in advance to check the equipment

But remember that, first of all, you need to have updated your computer for the  encryption software used  by the network.

By phone, just visit the app, then click the camera icon located on the top bar.

If you wish, you can add a title, use filters and give comments and instant access.

One of the biggest advantages of Youtube Live is in your Analytics  that in addition to access data, also show information such as gender and location of spectators. If you want a full report is available for download after the end of transmission.


Among all the options for live broadcast, the most popular is still the Facebook.

Have to show videos linked to your  fanpage  is an advantage and so therefore it is essential to understand how this tool in the most popular social network in the world.

To begin, open the Facebook page in your browser and click in the "What am I thinking?" At the top of the news feed.

Then select the "Live Video" and if you want, add a description.

Finally, click on "Broadcast Live" and ready, your video will appear to his followers after a three-second count.

Throughout the transmission is possible to track who is watching, comments, shares, reach and reactions left by your audience.

Each Live Video can last up to 4 hours and at Facebook, you can select a specific audience that will have access to content.

This is an advantage for those working with different targeted pubic, and help control the type of content that reaches each of his personas.

Finally, the live broadcast by Facebook ensures that users interact more with your brand receive a notification regarding your video - which rankeará rather than text and still images on the network content.


Instagram Live offers a slightly more intuitive platform at the time of recording videos, with the difference that each live stream will be available for just 24 hours after the display.

This alternative is part of the controversial  Stories , which today is an important segment for Instagram, with over 100 million active users daily.

Thanks to the immediacy of climate Instagram Stories (when compared to other networks like Twitter or Facebook) the ideal is to make use of the Live Video alternative just for more casual issues.

Chats and fast product demonstrations fit well with the dynamics of Instagram, as opposed to long lectures and concerts, which are best in the Facebook format.

To use the live mode is quite simple:

-Open the application;
-Select the Stories option in the upper left corner;
-Drag the screen to the left to select the "live";
-It's ready.

Each transmission can have a maximum duration of 1 hour, live users gain an appointment around your avatar in Stories and may still appear on the tab of "discoveries" of Instagram.

Just like Facebook, Instagram by Live you can track who sees your transmission, comments, reactions etc. If necessary, you can also ban some toxic user that video.


The alternative videos live on Twitter is not so popular these days, but for companies that have a strong presence on the network can be a good option.

The functionality of live transmission was implemented in mid-2016, when the network decided it would be a good idea inherit some characteristics of the old Periscope.

To make your transmission, simply select the "Live" which appears in the app so you are asked to compose a new message.

During transmission you will have access to comments, number of spectators and tanned.

After viewing your video may be available for viewing on the Twitter timeline, and will automatically be sent Periscope, even if you do not have an account there.

If you want other platform options for Live Stream, also consider networks as:

Live stream

4 brands already using live broadcasts in marketing

If you still have doubts about the effectiveness of a strategy that includes the use of live broadcasts, it's good to check this list we prepared with 4 amazing companies that have joined this alternative with its efforts in  digital marketing .

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts is a company specializing in - you guessed it - donuts. Its American headquarters has stores in several states in Brazil, and is well known for the visual appeal of their advertisements and products.

In February 2016 they  decided to make a live  (the first of his Facebook page) showing the making of a giant cake donuts.

The posting yielded an average of 44,000 views - not much, considering the popularity of the brand - but it was a buzz and both the networks, which helped in spreading the name and inspired a number of users to test at home cake recipe .


Sephora is a global network of cosmetic established in France and to increase the engagement rate with your audience through Facebook, decided to take advantage of the Live Video feature to  promote a session of questions and answers.

For this campaign, the leading company in the area of ​​beauty invited industry experts to answer questions from viewers for 30 minutes, in addition to presenting chats on trends, hair and fashion tips.

With a casual atmosphere, the Live presenters  took the opportunity to indicate the store's own product  for users who sent questions, which helped - a lot - to increase sales and traffic in their online stores.


The Starbucks was more a company that decided to make good use of the Live Video Facebook tool.

In 2016 the company, known worldwide for network cafeterias that began in the United States, took the voter registration event to make his first live broadcast, taking advantage of community engagement to show that  the company was also concerned with the everyday issues society .

The campaign helped in spreading the Starbucks name and of course, the narrowing of the brand's relationship with its audience.


Unlike other brands mentioned here, Buzzfeed does not have a product or a specific service for sale. All your revenue comes from content  sponsored and ads on your page.

In one of his first live broadcasts, the network, specializing in content, decided to launch a challenge: how many rubber bands can put on a watermelon before it explodes?

With this premise they  managed more than 800,000 spectators  to follow the transmission of approximate 45 minutes.

Can you imagine those numbers for your company? With 800,000 users connected in your brand, the potential for engagement and reach of your content are very high!

The Live Video feature brings endless possibilities to promote your business, and can not be left out when mounting a good digital marketing strategy.

Want to know more? Enjoy then to meet  our selection of rich materials  and get ready to get better results!