October 10, 2017

100 Most Influential People of 2017


Baca Juga

As every year, the magazine Time held its traditional selection of 100 most influential people of today. The choice is divided into several categories and are -also other relevant actors who write worldwide- why the definition. Pioneers, artists, leaders, Titans and icons make up the hundreds of women and men who make up the list.

The listing is not a ranking that shows different fields in each of the detailed categories. For example, leaders can be as diverse figures as Theresa May along with that of Julian Assange or Iranian General Qasem Soleimani . The full list:


Samantha Bee . Canadian comedian, writer, producer and political criticism.

Chance the Rapper . Chancelor Johnathan Bennett is his real name. It is a rapper and music producer on the rise.

Constance Wu . American actress.

Gavin Grimm . First transgender to win a judgment in his favor. He became an icon of LGBTIQ struggle.

Kirsten Green . ENTREPRENEURS investor support.

Bob Ferguson . Fiscal General de Washington.

Ivanka Trump . Presidential adviser businesswoman and her father, Donald Trump.

Demis Hassabis . Artificial intelligence researcher, designer of digital and neuroscientist games.

Barbara Lynch . One of the most renowned international chef.

Hamdi Ulukaya . Turkish businessman and billionaire based in the US, CEO and owner of Chobani.

Jared Kushner . Presidential adviser Donald Trump, is also a successful real estate entrepreneur.

Celina Turchi . Medical and scientific Brazilian specialist in epidemiology.

Jordan Peele . Actor, comedian, director and screenwriter. It is known for starringthe Comedy Central series Key & Peele.

Glenda Gray . President and CEO of the Medical Research Council of South Africa.

Yuriko Koike . Japanese politics, member of the Democratic Liberal Party.

Conor McGregor . Irishborn fighter, champion and symbol of the UFC and mixed martial arts.

Riz Ahmed . British musician and actor. He is known for his performances in The Road to Guantanamo.

Guus Velders . One of the biggest drivers of environmental care and analysts of climate change.

Tamika Mallory , Bob Bland , Carmen Perez and Linda Sarsour . Drivers of March of Women a day after Donald Trump taking on 21 January.

Natalie Batalha , Guillem Anglada-Escudé and Michaël Gillon . Scientists trying to determine if the man is alone in the universe.


Emma Stone.

Colson Whitehead.

Ed Sheeran.

Alicia Keys.

Ryan Reynolds.

Donald Glover.

Leslie Jones .

Ben Platt.

Ava DuVernay.

Barry Jenkins.

Margot Robbie .

Sarah Paulson.

James Corden.

John Legend.

Alessandro Michele.

Kerry James Marshall.

Demi Lovato.


Theresa May . British prime minister.

Narendra Modi . Primer ministro de India.

Chuck Schumer . New York Senator for the Democratic Party.

Donald Trump . President of the United States.

Elizabeth Warren . Academic law specialist.

Julian Assange . Wikileaks founder with ties to Russian intelligence.

James Comey . FBI Director.

Kim Jong-Un . Supreme Leader of North Korea.

Reince Priebus . Chief of Staff Donald Trump.

Xi Jinping . General Secretary of the Communist Party of China.

Rodrigo Duterte . President of the Philippines.

Stephen Bannon . Journalist and adviser to Donald Trump.

Theo Epstein . Executive league baseball in the United States.

Tom Perez . National Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, becoming the first Latino to hold the position.

Vladimir Putin . President of Russia.

Qishan wang . Ex Alcalde de Beijing.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan . Presidente de Turquía.

Sandra Day O'Connor . Academic and jurist of the United States.

Pope Francisco .

James Mattis . General of the United States Army and current Secretary of Defense.

Vajiralongkorn . Current King of Thailand and the tenth of the Chakri dynasty known as Rama X.

Juan Manuel Santos . President of Colombia.

Qasem Soleimani . General of the Revolutionary Forces of Iran. Mentor's strategy Bashar Al-Assad in Syria.

Melinda Gates . Businesswoman and philanthropist.


Janet Yellen . Renowned American economist.

LeBron James . NBA star.

Daniel Ek . Co founder and CEO of Spotify.

Bernard J. Tyson. Director y CEO de Kaiser Permanente.

Evan Spiegel . Digital entrepreneur.

George Church . American geneticist, molecular and chemical engineer.

Jean Liu . He is the CEO of Didi ChuXing, the largest phone carrier in China.

Tom Brady . NFL star.

James Allison . Formula 1 engineer.

Rebekah Mercer . Directs the Mercer Family Foundation, giving the Republican Party.

Jason Blum . Founder and CEO of Blumhouse Productions, a multimedia production company.

Jeff Bezos . Founder and CEO of Amazon.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma . Entrepreneur y Fundador de Paytm.

Margrethe Vestager . Política Danesa del Partido Social Liberal


Simone Biles . Multiple Olympic medalist for the United States.

Ashley Graham . American model.

Cindy Sherman . Artist, photographer and film director

John Lewis . Symbol of individual liberties.

Margaret Atwood . Prolific writer and American poet.

Colin Kaepernick . Professional football player

Jeanette Visguerra . Symbol of the struggle of undocumented immigrants in the United States.

Neymar . Brazilian footballer who triumphs in the Barcelona of Spain.

RuPaul . Drag queen, model, actor and composer.

Raf Simons . Belgian fashion designer. He studied industrial design, but after a few years of independent study, became menswear designer in 1995.

Biram Dah Abeid . Mauritania politician and lawyer, fight for the abolition of slavery.

Leila de Lima . Política philippines opositora a Rodrigo Duterte.

David Adjaye . Ghanaian architect, born in Tanzania in 1966. Established in London where he triumphed and took their designs.

Gretchen Carlson . American author and composer.

Fatou Bensouda . Gambian lawyer, served as Attorney General and Minister of Justice in the Republic of Gambia.

Thelma Aldana . Guatemalan lawyer and notary, judge of the Supreme Court of Guatemala from October 13, 2009.

Fan Bingbing . Actress, singer and Chinese production.

Viola Davis . American film, television and theater, winning multiple awards.

Raed Saleh . White Helmets leader in Syria.

Arlette Cindy Contreras Bautista . Driving the movement "not less" in Peru.

Source Time.com